The miracles of medicine

I think I need to try writing earlier in the day...I seem to always be writing at night? Wonder why that is?
I've completely missed my goal of being in shape by the time our vacation to SC came along. I'm really disappointed in myself and need to figure out a way to stay on track and do the things necessary for me to lose this gut. It's driving me crazy. Seems as the only solution is to work out in the morning before work. Yes, I said it before work. That would mean waking up at like 5am...crazy talk. But I've got to do something!

Joy's got to have a biopsy on her kidney Friday(It's Friday the 13th). Her last test results came back indicating that her protein levels have increased and the doctor wants to determine why that's happening. So, instead of just increasing her meds...he's taking an extra step and having this procedure done. Thanks, doc! At this point we don't know what the results will say. Maybe the type of Lupus has changed? Maybe it will just require more/different meds? I'm hoping that it isn't anything too major. For one, I want Joy to be healthy. Two, I want to go to SC for our first family vacation.
Her mother is coming down tomorrow, I wish it was Friday morning but what can I do. I'm just so damn uptight around them. Can't find a nice comfortable place...but she's coming for her daughter and I totally understand. Glad she'll be here to support Joy.

See you on the treadmill @ 5:15...