best and brightest

Hey America, you've seemed to miss something along the way to masterfully bringing down our ecomomy...the people who you've determined to be the smartest, often times aren't. Sure, they probably graduated from a great school. Likely got excellent grades and scored high on every test. They are indeed educated, but they are still stupid!
I argue the point with my wife pretty often. She talks about people her company has hired that end up being completely unacceptable. Sure they said what they needed to say in the interview. Sure they made their resume shine but that doesn't and shouldn't mask the fact that they are stupid...

I get that there has to be some type of system in place to track who does well and who doesn't. A way to forecast who will do a good job and who wouldn't. But at the same time, shouldn't we be able to identify and foster those who are smart in a way not recognized by an institution? I love learning...hate sitting in a class. I didn't like the idea of memorizing information for a test, just for the test oppossed to being taught something so that I could learn and find my own understanding.

The best and brightest fucked shit up. Let the other guys have a crack at it...they're the ones who keep America going and generally get shit right.