What is we gon do?

Will we stand up for change? Will we ask of ourselves, what we ask of Sen. Obama? Will we choose to be held accountable? Will we be understanding of one another? Will we respect one another? Will we communicate? Will we work towards solutions? Will we embrace the significance of now, and allow this optimistic feeling in the air to inspire us to become better? Smarter, funnier, more considerate, patient, honest, understanding, thoughtful, stern, healthy, compassionate, playful...

Can we as people agree that we can do better and choose to chart a course that we agree is the best way to get us there?


You can do it too

I'm back at it! Well, I never really left but there was about a month where I wasn't really focused on my grand idea of opening the sneaker boutique. The rigors of my current job has run me back into the arms of my dream. Fuck working for the county. It blows. Sooooo, gotta get my store off the ground and get shit poppin. Talked to both my partners and Craige says he's still in. Kiesha, I'm a little unsure about. She has some things going on that may force her to be unable to participate? We'll see what happens. At any rate, I'm moving forward.

Got online real quick and came across a wealth of information. Important information that I had been trying to wind. Today, I found it in bundles! Too much for me to even get to in one evening. I'm looking forward to looking further into things and finding out as much as I can.

Saw some stores that I can pull ideas from, got some labels that I could carry, looked at what the normal store hours are(can you say 12-7 Mon-Sat) sounds golden doesn't it? I would wake up with the biggest smile everyday I can go open up my store or go to do something for the benefit of my store. And I look forward to the work, if it means that I'm responsible for me and I'm calling the shots.

Think about it. 12-7 would be almost perfect. If/when Joy and I have a kid, I can stay with him for most of the morning, so our daycare costs could potentially be cheaper than if we had the kid at daycare all day. Joy will love the idea that my idea could save money...lol.

Oh, and I submitted my idea about a calendar to some websites, so maybe if that idea gets off the ground opening the store will be much easier cause I'll have another stream of income.

'If you believe, than you achieve. Just look at me'-Tupac