Today Joy received her second of six treatments. Got to the hospital about 9 and left around 2..pretty much a full day's work. No lunch, no breaks. The treatment isn't that bad, as far as how it's administered. It's all done thru an IV. She handles things so well...amazing. Dr. Cardi came by to see how she was and give us the test results from her last urine/blood work. And the results...all is good. Kidney function is good, and the levels of protein are decreasing. Her weight is even up. I think she's in the 130's now. I'm not complaining!! I love it. Hope the weight stays...
We went to lunch after the treatment. Arthur's in Hyde Park. It's a nice little place to eat. We usually sit on the patio, but it was like 105 today!
Then we ran in a little boutique next door...the had some nice stuff. Got me to thinking that I've got to put some fire under all the different ideas I have. They aren't doing me any good w/o taking action on them. I've put limitations on myself b/c I don't think I can do everything myself, but I'm going to have to. That how I'm going to have to start. I am my best investment! I want to open up a boutique. Aimed at the older Hip Hop generation. Like 25-40? Jeans, sneakers, jackets, hats, shirts, pants, accessories. Shit, I can do that. Nice shit. Nice atmosphere, bangin music, books, cds, albums.
Imma get it poppin....watch!



Big fucking kid

Yo...I got a PS3 last week! Shit is crazy. Crazy. The games are unbelievable. The picture. Bananas. You can download music, movies, pictures. You can surf the internet. You can watch Blu-Ray disc movies(some new new shit). I've been playing into the morning hours. Can't stop. It's so much fun. I can play friends who have the system via the internet. So, I can play Craige in Dayton...from my living room. A beautiful thing! Trying to find more people I know, so that we can communicate this way. Staying in touch so to speak. Dudes just don't call dudes, but that's another story I suppose.
But this PS3 shit. Crazy.
Matter of fact, I gotta go play....

Oh, one last thing. If anyone ever reads this find the Essence magazine from September '07 and look back to the Virgo horoscope(my sign) and then read the In the Spirit editorial by Susan L. Taylor. She says among other things "The courage to love manufactures peace and puts an aura of protection around you. A kind and loving spirit is more powerful than anything walking on earth." Ain't that some shit...

Golf is like life

The game features so many components of life. Patience, perseverance, softness, force, and a bunch of others...
The thing is that you can't have any of those emotions solely. You've got to use them all, or some, or some mixture of some and all. But how do you manage to incorporate all or some of these things in your game(life)? Let me tell you...it's not easy. Because at so many points in the game(life) you've got to determine how to most effectively use these talents. And every situation is different. Every shot and different shot. All over the course. Hills, valleys, water traps, sand traps, trees, grass, and a mean old monster called the putting green. And during any and all of these various obstacles, you will have to determine what talents you'll use...how much or how little. So you've got constant adversity on the course and you've got to find a way to make it as easy as possible. There's a place called the fairway...stay there!!!!!! It's grass is nice and it's clear of any trees. It's a direct route to the hole. That's what we're working towards....

Until you can pretty much guarantee a shot on the fairway, you're mind has to be totally in the game. Your swing(decisions) will affect what situation you end up in. Gotta get that swing(decisions) together. Gotta get that swing to be nice and easy. Smooth. Like butta!
Easier said than done. That swing is some hard shit to figure out. You've got to use your natural ability, but use it in a way that allows you to incorporate all of your talents(patience, perseverance...) And when that happens it's a wonderful feeling. Wonderful. So imagine that in life you made all the right decision and used all that you know to make those decisions. You'd end up on the fairway. Looking straight at the hole.