Too tall

My grass in the back yard was up to my knee. No lie. My yard looked a mess, so I had to spend my day off cutting the grass. I split it up into a morning and afternoon effort. A workout non the less. I had to fight with the mower to get on of the wheels to its highest point. Self propel is broken in the same wheel. I'm getting a new lawn mower soon.

I think I'm going to call around to see about getting a landscaper to come out and see what can be done with my yard. It's not what I want. Not yet a yard I can go out and play in.


frisco first timer

I'm going going back back to Cali Cali-Biggie Smalls
Yo, for a kid from the Midwest to go out to the west coast for a couple days is a great experience. The west coast is cool...much of it still perceived, but what I did experienced was cool. Frisco was a bit chilly, glad I took my jacket. The buildings were beautiful. It was generally pretty clean, there were a seaming majority of Asians in the downtown area where we stayed...'Chinatown'
That in itself was cool to see. The financial district, where the hotel was in Downtown San Francisco was I think on the boarder of what is considered 'Chinatown'. Because, along with the Asian/Chinese population there were a large amount of what looked to be pretty well off people. However that population did not exceed that of the working class folks, tourists, poor or homeless people.
There were not many Black folks! Joy and I are like, 'where are all the Black folks'. As a visitor, you want to see where the people who look like you live, in the city you're visiting. Observe how they act, what their differences and similarities are. Unfortunately we didn't get to see much of that. Most of the spots we hit just didn't have many of us around and if it did, we weren't in an environment to really talk to them long enough to determine the differences/similarities.
Took a trip to Napa Valley that was beyond anything I could have imagined. The vinyards are so fucking sweet! These beautiful buildings that house the wine. Or house the wine and the machinery that makes the wine and puts it into the bottles and a gift shop area and a little patio area with a full bar/lounge type area under a canopy with beautiful flowers and a view of the grapes growing. Man, that shit was tight! I wish I had taken more pictures...I want to go back, soon!
The trip to Napa Valley was with a group of middle aged women in a literary group, in San Fran for a conference. Joy's mother is a member(we went with them, they invited us. Paid for the plane ticket and hotel...sweet)
So the long bus ride was spent full of women. Virtually most of them carrying on a conversation. Me and Mr. Kyles were the only men.
It was kind of uncomfortable for me to be around alot of women who I presumed to be much like my mother in law, and since this was my perception I chose not to really engage anyone in a conversation because I told myself I would not be interested in what they had to say nor how they said it. Surely, I missed out on some great convo.
We also took a Segway tour of some of Frisco. Them damn Segway's are the best thing going. I want to do the Segway tour in every city! It's the best way to see the city. You want to walk around, but you can't walk everywhere. This thing pretty much transports you around at about a 5mph, and can maneuver incredibly! So you are checking out the city from inside, riding around on these sweet ass machines. I could have rode all day.
We went to fisherman's wharf, saw the Golden Gate Bridge, went up to North Sore. Learned alot I didn't know about the city. Ate at one of the best steak restaurants in San Fran at it was worth the hype! Food was fantastic. A little bougie, and expensive but good as hell. We got it for free cause we listen to this time share crap for about 90 minute(I do want a time share, just can't do it right now)
Of course we carved out time for shopping. We took two hour long trips. One to a mall another to a outlet mall. The outlet was nice, got a two pairs of shoes. Joy got some shoes and a sweet purse. I got a couple hats from the mall. Oh, we stopped into a boutique...that I suggested, and Joy got some really nice things. Shit you won't see in Ohio. Can't wait for her to wear the things she bought.
The trip even ended great with, The Great Debaters as the in flight movie. Wonderful....I will see to it that I get back to San Francisco. Much more to see. Many more people to get to know.

Makes you really appreciate how lame Cincinnati is...I'm going to get out of here one day. It's not the place for me.