My president is Black! Today, the world changed. Today my generation saw a leader they are behind and can believe in become the 44th president of the United States of America. He has us excited, hopeful, willing to serve, encouraged, motivated, compassionate, supportive, engaged, and ready to get to work in creating a society that is as it should be.
Viewing the events of the day on TV has been amazing. Seeing all of the people. Watching President Obama take the oath of office. Looking at Mrs. Obama, the children....a black family going into the White House...
We have a leader! Obama will lead US. He will lead the U.S. but he will lead US also. For four years at least, but his influence will shape the country and the world forever! We will not go back to the political figures of the past. We will not accept a leader who does not seek to include all of us in the progress of this country. We will no longer accept a leader who is unwilling to listen to different views/ideas. No longer will we elect a person who lacks compassion and character. No more polarizing figures. No more leaders who are not of the people.
Obama has taken the first official step in shinning his light on the world...and we are so ready for some light!

No other option than for me to do big things....the impossible is possible!


AFC North

As a fan of the Cleveland Browns it pains me to watch the Steelers and especially the Ravens, play in this conference championship game. However, I remain hopeful. That our new coach can bring in a new vision and understanding of what needs to be done to make the Browns a winner. Update our uniform, have a good...make that great draft, sign some quality free agents and beat the fucking Steelers and Ravens in 09!


Who's in charge

I've come to realize that its okay to question people in power. It's okay to ask them questions because they not only have a responsibility to provide an answer, they also need to know that someone is holding them accountable. I've always been reluctant to ask questions. Not sure why, but that's how its been.
Anyway, going forward especially during my remaining time working for the county, I'm going to ask questions! Who, what, when, where, why. Somebody has to be made aware that shit aint working out right. Shit sucks actually. And its possible that people in leadership positions just don't know...we can't expect them to know everything. Nothing says that just because I'm not in management I don't have worth while ideas. Ideas that deserve considerationan even implementation.
They are going to know who I am by the time I leave...cause I'm going to start calling out everyone and letting them know they need to be held accountable.