Tomorrow marks a milestone.  My website went live last Friday.  What is now hiphophopedealers.com has gotten positive feedback from the few friends and family who have viewed it and decided to respond.  It's encouraging to hear good things about what your time and energy has gone into.  I surprised myself with the courage to actually put it out there.  To put myself out there for ridicule and potentially harsh feedback.  
I'm going to continue working on it.  In hopes to improve it every day.  To make the site better and to make myself better.  To provide people who visit my site with a dose of inspiration...eventually finding a place on a larger stage where the message can reach anyone ready and willing to hear what I have to say...



Building blocks

This morning I received some pretty encouraging news. I'm working with an advisor for SCORE and he gave me an assignment to complete on tuesday. I turned the assignment in yesterday and today I received an email that said based on the presentation of my assignment I 'knocked it out of the park.' Now I understand the content of the assignment is what really matters but this retired entrepreneur just told me that I did a good job! I'm fucking charged! Hopefully the content is as good and I can build on this momentum.
Its amazing how we feel when we're encouraged. I'm ready for the next assignment. Even ready for him to tell me the content of the first assignment wasn't up to par...just so I can work to make it better and find out more information. Peace


If you're out there

I'm hard at work on the website for my upcoming itunes application.  I don't know much about creating or maintaining a website, but I've got a perspective that I felt needed to be communicated.  I'm hopeful that people find it interesting and come back for my daily quotes.
I figure that the easiest way is to tell my family to visit, then post it on facebook.  Once people visit, and leave comments or suggestions I can act accordingly.
Do I hope the response is beyond anything I could have imagined???  Hells yeah.  Are my hopes up????  Not at all.  After all, I'm just one man voicing his opinion in a world full of opinions.  And people with much more skill and talent than myself, at creating websites and mobile applications, are out there making much more significant moves.  I'm the underdog.  And I love it....



Asking for help

I've done what I think...what I hope is the right thing by asking for some help to get these ideas into motion.  I reached out to SCORE, and thankfully received a return call.  I've been given an assignment to complete and return to help the mentor guide us in the right direction.  I'm excited.  One regret throughout my life has been my reluctance to ask for help.  Nothing wrong with it, but I always wanted to do everything on my own.  This backfired on me more time than I care to remember.
Craige and I have an idea of what we want to happen.  We believe in those ideas and have the confidence to make them happen.  We just have to work hard and be smart.  And have patience...everything will fall into place.

I'm grateful to my wife for the support she shows me.  I've been unemployed for 2 months now, and not one time has she talked about what I should or could be doing.  She understands that the ideas I have could potentially change our lives in a way no 9-5 could ever do.  She's encouraged by the progress I've made and wants to see me happy and successful.  I love her.



Biz delayed

Our targeted start date has come and gone. We simply weren't ready...but we will be. If I can develop a business plan that works for us and get on task, we can start making money. Nothing to do but put in the work. The market is there, the idea is there. Our intentions are not to become a huge business but a springboard into other ventures that can also produce an income. Itunes apps, sneaker boutique, website, restaurant.
I've been listening to podcasts, reading books/magazines trying to get all of the information I can. Time to step out of my comfort zone and begin asking for help. I'll start with SCORE...to see what advice they can give me.

We need to find the right team!




It's not quite the eve of a new chapter in my life. But close enough that it's all I can think about. A chapter that begins with me going to work in Dayton, to try and create a successful small business. A delivery service providing food delivery to the downtown Dayton area. This venture is being started by me and my best friend. Both from Dayton, we grew up together. Meeting when we were about 10 yrs old. We were in a bowling league together, then went to the same middle and high school.
This is an exciting time. The excitement of the unknown. The excitement over the possibilities. Excitement about the number of customers we can help enjoy their time downtown during their work/school days. The thought of being able to say that I am an entrepreneur!
Within the next month I want to have a grant proposal written to try and get Segway's. For use in deliveries. It would be crazy cool and great for the environment and business. I think it's a great opportunity, but we'll see about getting the grant. If not I'll have to go to plan B(cause I'd prefer to be environmentally conscious and my vehicles are a Chevy Tahoe and Lincoln LS...not the most fuel efficient)
How cool would it be to see Segways rolling around Downtown Dayton making deliveries to UD or Sinclair Community College...what about the Schuster Center?

Time and the work we put in will determine if we make it...


Look out for Who Delivers Dayton and visit us at www.whodeliversdayton.com


If you scared, say you scared

Do people really believe that because President Obama is shaking hands and smiling with Chavez, that he's being pushed around? You're punks! Stop being scared of everything and everybody. When you can stand next to a man that has made unflattering comments about the US, shake hands with him and have a conversation that shows that you are a man. The answer to opposition isn't always war. Why can't the conservatives just say they're scared? They're scared to say it aloud, but every word they speak implicates them.