Working 9-5

This 9-5 shit is not for me. I think that I'd me much more effective with a less conventional work day. What if I can get done what needs to be done in 3 hours? What if I need 12, or 15? I want to be in control of my own thing. I don't want to be subjected to the ideas, culture, environment of someone else...especially someone/thing that I'm not all that fond of. The county's way of doing business is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay outdated. Think that might be why were currently working in a deficit? Gotta lay people off and shit. People are going to lose their jobs, and we say that we're in the business of helping those less fortunate? Does that make any sense? These old white folks need to step aside, and let some young black, white, red, brown, yellow, green people take control of things. I think that my generation has so much to offer, but these old fucks got a strangle hold on shit and are too damn greedy to relinquish control of anything...that's important. Which is why I want my own business. Something that I can put myself into. Something I can leave, as a betterment to my community. Something to make me some $$$
So, back to work. I listen to complaints...all day long. Nothing ever good. Bad all day long. It's draining. You have to be an extremely optimistic person that doesn't take the job home with you, and be really willing to try and help people. People who don't even give a shit that you're trying to help. They just know they need their food stamps or cash assistance check. I'm sure that in certain situation, if I was in a similar position, I'd be pissed too but I wouldn't talk to people the way some of our consumers speak to us. Nor would I speak to anyone the way some of our employees speak to the consumers.



Turkey Day

Today is Thanksgiving. I've got too many things to mention that I'm thankful for. I'm healthy, and for the most part happy. I have a loving wife, a decent job, a wonderful family, a house that's still a work in progress, and numerous other things. I'd say that I'm doing pretty good. I'm proud of myself and where I am...that doesn't mean that I don't want more. Want to be more successful in every aspect of my life.
We're going over Bridget's grandmother's house for Thanksgiving dinner. The food will be great! Should be able to get in and get out w/o being over there too late. Not like anything is going on at home, but it's just nice to be in your own house to kick back and relax.



See you next lifetime...

When I was home for my class reunion, I found an old friend. A really good friend, that I talked to just about everyday in High School. We somehow lost touch after High School, but to see her and talk to her again was so comfortable and natural. More comfortable than anyone else I ran into all weekend. Maybe because we talked so much, and I felt like she knew..me. Our encounter during the reunion was brief, but we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers. We've been talking ever since. She's so much the same, but also very different. Hell, she's a woman now. With each conversation we have I remember why I felt such comfort with her. It's not something I can put my finger on, but she is truly a friend. Not only is she a friend, but she's HOT! Sexy as hell...goodness. And recently our talks have turned into some playful flirting. It's fun, harmless...good to know that someone would really want you. Good to know that someone else thinks you're an okay person.

She's great though, and I hope that I never lose contact with her again, and I hope that one day I can get over my crush and have her meet my wife so that she can truly be a part of my family. We'll see about all that...having too much fun flirting right now!

Absence does what?

So, I make it back home from TN in one piece. I'm thinking that if Joy is feeling okay, I'll be getting some tail...she wasn't feeling okay. No problem, I understand. Maybe the next day...tuesday comes and goes with na...da...
We talk. Not about the fact that I'd expected to have sex with my wife upon my return home from a trip where I was gone 4 days, but about the fact that we wanted to make changes to make each other happy. Some of the things we wanted/needed from one another. After the communication back and forth all day, I was anticipating that we would put what we'd been talking about into action...nunca! Honestly, I'm lost. I don't understand one single thing that's going on. I ask for sex more often, then don't get any? She says that she wants to make me happy and be the cause of my happiness not the reason for me being unsatisfied, then nothing! What the fuck is she waiting on? Damn, I wish I knew so I could move that shit along.

We've got a 4 day weekend, so we'll see what happens during this time...

During one of the conversations that I had, I mentioned to her that I didn't want to have to go elsewhere to find what I need and she shook her head like she understood. But I don't really think that she does. And I don't know what to do to let her know...cause it's truely a possibility. I'm a man, and I need things. If the shoe were on the other foot and I wasn't doing what I needed to I'd expect her to try and find it elsewhere. Honestly, I think I would encourage it. I would hate to be the source of anything that caused her displeasure or discontent...so, I figure that it would be better that I know she was going elsewhere for a particular need that to know I was causing/or the cause of her pain...

What the hell is a man to do? Just sit on my hands????????????????


The road trip was excellent. We had a wonderful time. It was funny being with 3 other grown men for a couple of days. Haven't been around guys for consecutive days in a few years. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't expect some arguments, but surprisingly ever thing was cool. Lots of golf, liquor, and herb. Golf in the morning, until the late afternoon. Liquor and herb later in the evening.
Our accommodations weren't the best...we only had a one bedroom(essentially a one bedroom apartment) so we had to share beds. The one bedroom and a pull-out couch. We'll make sure to upgrade for next years trip..yeah, we want to make it an annual thing.

The golf was amazing. Even though my game is pretty bad, I had a good time playing. All of the little things that are necessary to play the game, make it very intriguing. I'm definitely going to continue to play and hopefully improve. I learned a few things from the fellas that I'm going to attempt to implement in my game and eventually find my own game. My main problems are keeping the damn ball straight...I can make contact, just not like it's meant to be done. Have to figure out why I keep hitting it to the right? Then I'll work on the power, then the short game...or something like that.


Road trip

Taking a road trip with Michael, Butch, and Kevin next week. We are going to somewhere in TN to a time-share that Michael has. It's on like 5 golf courses. We'll be there Friday-Monday. 4 days of all the golf you can handle...Michael came up to my office today talking about...'are you ready'. Hell no, I'm not ready. My game needs some serious work. Like, I need to hit the driving range everyday before the trip, work. I not going to play golf and lose. I'm going to play to win. Got a lot of work to do, but I'm going to compete! Gotta get me a putter before we go.

Before today, I was thinking about driving down by myself. Michael, Butch, and Kevin were going to ride together. My train of thought was that I wanted to have my own vehicle in case I wanted to leave sooner, if Joy needed me to come home, or if I just needed to get away from 3 other grown ass men.
I decided to ride. Gas is too damn expensive and the Tahoe drinks that shit. Once I decide that I'm going to ride, I get hit with...why don't we take the Tahoe. No big deal, shit I was going to drive it myself anyway. It's got more room than the MDX, so lets roll. Wish I had the CD player fixed, but I'm rocking the satellite radio and the ipod so I'm cool. Just got some work done last week, so it should be cool on the road, especially when I get the new tires.

I'm looking forward to the entire trip. The drive down, the golf, the time after golf...just hanging out. I've never been out of town with my brother while we've been grown. Not w/o his kids and wife. Should be interesting. I've got a feeling I'll be the one with the most sense. They all got kids...shit is going to be comedy.


Risky business

I went to Dayton this weekend to hook up with some friends and see if I could spark a discussion about possibly starting a business, or coming up with a product idea. We met at Mongolian BBQ out in Kettering or Beavercreek or some shit. Craige had me taking the street, so I ain't know where the hell I was.
We sit down, eat good, and actually begin a dialogue. Cats really been thinking about trying to get into something and make some money. Several different good ideas, things that we may seriously be able to achieve with some hard work, commitment, responsibility, and some luck. Joy asked who the leader was...I was reluctant to say me, but I guess I am. And if I am then I need to put in the effort myself that I want to see out of everyone else. It's got to be me who's working the hardest. We'll see what happens. NOBODY outside of the people I had the meeting with, and a few other friends who didn't make it, believes this group of guys can pull a business off. Don't you just love the underdog!