Dre day

Talked to my dude Dre Hut the other day...or should I say, I got an email from him. Good to hear from that 6'8 mofo. He's in Turkey now playing ball. Been all over Europe. I was thinking that its got to be nice to have experienced so much and being able to see so many different things, and get paid while doing it. And paid well I might add.
He's got a 6 month old boy, a wife....they are with him there. Great to hear that he's able to have that. His family with him. That hasn't been the case for most of his time playing in Europe. Funny to think that we are grown ups. Crazy. We were just in High School.....

Maybe if he plays again somewhere I would like to visit, Joy and I can make a trip over!


No title

It feels like its been a long time since I've written. Not much has actually happened, but there have been a whole hell of alot of ideas floating around in my head. The one significant thing thats happened is that I've found someone that shares the same wish to open up a little shop. A friend from high school, Kiesha. We are going to work together and see where things go. With some hard work we can make it happen! I'm excited about the possibility.

In the paper today, on the front page was news that the government has approved a measure that will provide some people with check with hopes that the money given out will help stimulate the economy. Might work, but where is the money coming from? We're going to have to pay that shit back eventually. Who knows what these old, mostly white men are thinking in Washington. Lets get some young men and women in positions of power. Who the fuck made the rule that you've got to be a middle aged man to make a good fucking decision?

Not that I'm not looking forward to getting some 'free' money. The idea is to use it towards our basement. WOW.....when we get the basement finished it will feel like a whole new house. A whole other level of living space. TV, couch, chair, bar, all the standard basement stuff. It's exciting just thinking about it....




It's 3am on a Tuesday and I'm up. I've had this cold for several days now and finally was able to get some medicine that works last night. The first good night sleep that I've had since Friday, so I thought I was on the right track. Not so fast my friend. I'm back at it. Not only is my mind racing, but its windy as hell which isn't helping things. I need for it to be quiet until I fall asleep and this wind is fierce tonight. However, it's my mind that keeping me up. I'm sure of it. I'm thinking about work. About work missed. About my manager, my team. About what they are thinking. About what effect me being out will have on them...how they're feeling. I don't like calling off. It's not something that I do when it's not necessary, so I really shouldn't be that concerned but I am. If I call off today, it will be 3 1/2 days....big fucking deal right? I wish I could make myself believe that. So, I'm up trying to make myself believe. Trying to convince myself that my health comes before work. That I can take one more sick day. That it doesn't matter what my co-workers think because when I'm there I get shit done!

I've taken two doses of cough syrup with co dine and still no sleep. WOW...

In addition to still being sick, today is my wife's birthday....why am I so worried about work? I should just use my doctors note and call it a day. He gave me until Thursday. Why not use it. A friend told me that if I die tonight, work would still be there tomorrow....going on without me.

Guess we'll see what happens.