Good day coming?

Tomorrow has the potential to be a good day for us, for Joy. She's got a presentation that she's been working on and also a meeting with one of the directors. In the past couple weeks she's been getting hints thrown her way the something good was about to happen. People asking her has she heard about this or that. It's got her wondering what the hell people are talking about. No real mention of anything from her direct supervisor, so what could it really be...right? Or it could be bigger than that, which is why she's meeting with one of the directors. We'll see in a couple hours...
I'm so proud of her. She's such an inspiration. Truly a success in every since of the word. She's without a doubt the better half...

My on the other hand, I'm in the process of embarking in a tremendous experiment. I'm trying to get some of my best friends together to talk business! Might not sound too bad, but these guys aren't exactly business men. Including myself. However, I feel like if we all get on the same page with a common goal we can make shit happen. It won't happen overnight, but if we work and everyone put in the effort...anything can happen. ANYTHING.

Like I told my wife, expect the worst and hope for the best! Even if these current situations don't pan out for us at least we know that we are moving in the right direction. Gotta just stay committed to what it is we want to do, what it is that we want to accomplish. I don't give a shit about an accolades. Just give me a comfortable life, and some shit to leave my kids, kids, kids. Let that be my legacy. Something people can actually touch and feel....benefit from in a direct way. I want to create something, something bigger than myself. I'm enlisting my friends in this initial attempt because I think that they are interested in some of those same goals, and it would be fun to work with them. When I was a kid, and even now, I never wanted to have something significant as a symbol of success that I couldn't share with someone. Much more comfortable with a team. If I'm successful, I want everyone around me to be successful. I want to roll through Dayton with a fleet of black Range Rovers. Me and all my homies. Remember, ANYTHING can happen...impossible is nothing.




Class of 97, reunite. This weekend was my 10 year high school reunion. We had the homecoming football game, a tour of the new high school, and a party. Joy and I missed the football game, but were able to make it to the rest of the events. I had an great time. It was such a good feeling to see all the familiar faces. People I grew up with...that I went to school with for 6 years(junior high and high school) It's fascinating how people have changed...physically and mentally. Folks were a little chunkier. Some smaller. Mostly all the women with more tits and ass...most of the dudes had picked up weight, so I didn't feel so bad.
Everyone seemed to be doing good, with was delightful to hear. Folks had moved away...Houston, ATL, Boston, Chicago, Japan, Iraq, D.C., We done good.

Not everyone I thought would show up did, but it was an impressive turn out. Pretty much the core group of people when we were in high school were the people who attended. Hopefully I will do a better job of keeping in touch with people. I realized that I missed talking to some of them.

Also got to hook up with lil cuz, B. He just moved into a house out in Kettering. Nice little house. Basement, second floor. Just like the house he grew up in except for the second floor. His wife is expecting again. The twins are 3 and adorable. I hadn't seen them in a long time...they are just as friendly and polite as you'd expect. He's really a fascinating person. His ability to stay the same person despite the things that he's gone thru(some chosen). We've been close since I can remember, so maybe we just have this understanding of each other...a note so common bond. Hard to explain.

Got him hooked up to the PS3 online, so now we can play. So, let me do that before I retire for the night.