Funny feeling

I had lunch with some friends today....former co-workers, who happen to be white females. While it's enjoyable when we get to hang out, I found myself a bit uncomfortable when we began talking about politics. And we weren't even really talking about it, just a mention about a text message I had sent when Mrs. Obama was in town. Neither was interested. Actually voting for Hillary Clinton. So my uncomfort comes when I feel like people aren't supporting Barack because he's Black. Now I know that this is the case in many instances, but when you get the feeling from people you know it's difficult. And it could just be me? But honestly, I don't see how you couldn't support the man.
So, for now I'll keep my feelings in check and just hope that people aren't voting for Obama for any other reason than his race. And try to stop feeling weird when people have other opinions.



Working late

Occasionally I have to work late. Till 7 on Wednesdays and some Saturdays from 8-12. It sucks. I already devote too much time to this place. People in general give too much of themselves to their employers. And what do we get in return but a big fucking headache....another reason I want to become an entrepreneur. At least then I'd be the cause of my own headache!
So, on the nights I have to work late I'm supposed to be anwering calls. Phone hardly ever rings and if it does, I can't do anything cause the customers worker probably got off at 445. How much sense does that make? People call in, complain and I tell them that I'll send something out for the worker or supervisor to look at in the morning...they subsequently ask why the hell I'm answering the phone this late if I can't help. Hey, I wonder the same thing.
I'm usually spending the time reading or trying not to play on the internet. Nobody's here for me to talk to, not that I really talk to my co-workers much anyway....

Anyway, work is work. It provides me with a way to make a living. I get no joy from performing my job duties. No joy in waking up in the morning to come into the office and listen to complaints all day. It's brutal, but it's what I have to do until I become that entrepreneur!



Biz 101

I need a crash course! I'm reading books and doing research and learning a lot along the way. I'm encouraged everyday and sometime discouraged. I'm encouraged that I have a business partner who has a shared vision and is willing to work towards our common goal. I am encouraged that I have the intelligence to create and profitably run a retail business. Discouraged sometimes just because thats how I am.
The one thing that I am not going to do is stop working towards my goal of opening this store. If I fail, that's okay. But I am going to try my damnedest to be successful. Slowly but surely a business plan will be in place and we can begin the process of getting the money necessary to do the damn thang!
I'm about to get it poppin!


Ohio Obama

Yesterday, I witnessed with my own eyes the first Black president of the US. Senator Obama was a wonderful sight to see. At 5/3 Arena on the UC campus. Got in the line about 1145 and didn't get into the place until about 2. It was cooooooold. Amazing to see all these different type of folks out in the cold waiting to see a Black man. The arena was pack. PACKED. Unbelievable. This Black man...young, brilliant, motivating and has a fucking clue about what's going on in the world. Has sense enough to understand the things that have been successful and the things that need to change. And yes he is hopeful, but being hopeful is essential and of utmost important in life....duh! He makes me hopeful that my future children can become president. Hopeful that people who look, walk, talk like me get a fair chance in this country(and world.) Hopeful that people who need help get help. Hopeful that my future children will be able to go to school without inheriting $40k worth of college loans to repay. I'm hopeful that my child will be educated in the best possible way, in a public school.

I am hopeful that I have the courage, strength, support, patience, understanding, perseverance, and motivation to open a sneaker shop. A little place that I created, selling stuff that I would buy if it was available to me. Top of the line, exclusive sneakers. Hats, belts, shirts, purses, women's shoe & sneakers, books, music. A place that I can hopefully create wealth for me and my family. Where I can give back to my community. A place I can leave my children.

The dicks that say hope doesn't matter, have never had reason to be hopeful. Never been in a position where hope played a factor in their lives. Not hopeful they would get a decent education. Not hopeful they would have food to eat tonight. Not hopeful that they wouldn't get sick, because the can't afford it. Not hopeful their parents had enough for retirement. Not hopeful they would be able to provide for their families.

Hope is critical. Period.