Thankfully unthankful

I find it funny....and at the same time, upsetting, that I'm stuck in a job that I don't like. During a time when finding another job is virtually impossible. I'm employed with my counties local government. Hit by lay-offs while trying to assist the growing number of people who need assistance. Morale is low, nobody is motivated to do anything 1) because they don't know if their job is next to be cut 2) they know that no matter how good a job they do, there won't be any type of reward 3) they are being asked to do more than they have ever been asked to do, but haven't been giving the direction on how the tasks at hand can possibly by accomplished.
There has been an endless stream of conversations about those who have lost their jobs, not too many on the people who are still working but are miserable at their jobs and can't find new one's.

Don't confuse me, I'm thankful to still be employed. That doesn't mean that I have to enjoy what I do.

My only wish is that I had an opportunity to find employment elsewhere. Doing something that I at least could find some fulfillment in....