humble as I mumble

How can I make money by doing good? Something good for the people, for the environment. What is it that can be done profitably so that my family can become wealthy. Not rich, but wealthy. Wealthy in mind, body, spirit....and monetarily. Things is that people have got to want things to be better. People have to want to get involved in something that is of benefit to not only themselves but someone/thing other than themselves. How can I be profitable, allow my employees to benefit, and serve or service the planet and the people. Damn, that's a tall task...


Heavy Chevy

We are getting a truck! I'm excited. Always wanted a truck, specifically a Chevy Tahoe. The body style is classic to me. I love it. Getting that Tahoe...pick it up tomorrow. I'm grateful, and give thanks to the most. 97 Tahoe. It's got a couple things I'll have to do to it, but nothing major(hopefully) no engine, transmission, exhaust issues. I'll get some new tires before winter, get a tune-up, a little brake work...what can you expect from a 10 year old truck. I love it though. Don't even have it in the driveway and I'm already falling in love. This will be MY first car! The first one my parents bought(86 Mercury Capri), next one was a(92 Honda Accord) which my parents also bought, follow that is my current car(01 LS) which is mine, but my parents signed for it. The Tahoe is all me, we'll all us. My wife cosigned cause I'm still getting my credit together...could I really have been so stupid to get my credit fucked up. Seems like I knew better, I'm sure I knew better. But I was broke!
Anyway, I can't wait to get the truck home and start putting my stamp on it. Gotta clean it up to Myke P specifications :-) My dad's car is always spotless. Motherfucker be CLEAN! I keep the LS clean, but not as clean as my dad's car. Now I've got to keep 3 cars clean. And I'm sure the truck takes some work to clean cause I can spend all day rubbing on the LS.
Must be the Dayton in my with my love for the Tahoe. Can't wait to take mine home, let the homies see. I'm really going to have to try not to go crazy on fixing it up. Rims are a must though! Tint the windows. Nothing major.
Who do I let know first? Maybe I'll take it to play golf this weekend? I want it to snow tomorrow so I can drive up fucking Westwood Northern Blvd, park on the peak of the hill get out of the Tahoe stand on the hood and beat my chest in victory. Road has crippled the LS two winters in a row. Don't nobody do nothing bad to the LS...
I want to haul some shit. Anything...we need something picked up? I'll go get it. Home improvement project? Let me grab the keys to the Tahoe...

Got a hell of a deal to....about $3k less than they were asking. I think it will be a good investment. Can't hurt to have a 3rd car.



Fuckin Browns

It's hell being a Cleveland Browns fan. They stink! Simple as that. I'm an optimistic person, and I hope for the best out of them every week, every down. But damn. Will they do anything right....ever? Season opener against the Steelers, at home. And they nut up. Don't do shit but get ran out of their own house. Are you kidding me. Someone comes to your house and does whatever the fuck they want? That's crazy talk. Frye, shitty. Winslow, shitty. Edwards, shitty. O. Line, shitty. Anderson, shitty. Lewis, shitty. That's a whole lot of shitty games and that's just on offense. A good team can overcome one or two shitty games, but when the whole fucking team can't do anything. Unacceptable.
But, the Bengals haven't played yet. And when they lose tomorrow to the Ravens, I'll feel a little better. I hate the fucking Bengals! Bengals lose and come to Cleveland next week and take one from us. Crennel better get in somebody's ass this week. They need to practice and extra hour a day.



Tomorrow, I'll be 28. Insignificant in the big scheme of things. I mean it's not like 16, 18, 21, 25. It's just 28. Thing is...it's crazy to think of myself as a 28 year old. Didn't seem possible when I was a kid. Seemed like everyone was so much older than me, I figured I'd never make it to be as old as them. But I'm here and I'm loving it.
So, let me be the first to say happy birthday to me. No big plans for the birthday weekend. Dinner with my family, and the Browns vs. Steelers game are the bookends. Go BROWNIES! This is going to be a good season for us. A great season. Luck is going to swing our way this time...oooh, I can't wait to see it happen.
Joy got notice this week that she's receiving a 'star award' which is given to employees who have done an exceptional job. And on top of that she's getting a raise!! I'm so proud of her. Glad that she works somewhere she loves, and enjoys what she's doing. She deserves all the good things in the world to happen to her. To see her happy makes me whatever being more than happy is...

My little cousin B has been texting me the last couple of days. Good to hear from him. He's almost like a brother to me. Probably my only early childhood friends that I have any contact with. He's the only kid that was close in age(where a year apart), so we spent a lot of time together as kids. He didn't live by me, but his grandmother, Katie B did. My parents were close to his family. They were family before we came along.
Anyway, dude invites me to the Browns vs. Bengals game on 12.28. Very unexpected but very happy about. Got the tickets from Katie B, who says it's going to be too damn cold to be at the game! Shiiiit, we know she right but being there is going to be fucking great! I can't wait. Especially if we have a season like I think we will have. The game will have some meaning, some playoff implications. Hey, maybe it's a sign after all these years, all the Bengals games Katie B had tickets to(season ticket holder) this year I'm presented with the opportunity. I'm feeling like the Browns are going to be the surprise story of the season...

My point was that I'm glad to hear from little cuz and am going to try to do a better job of talking more often. Going up to see him and his family.