Tomorrow means what

Today, our lame ass administration began the task of reducing the budget(i.e. laying people off). We received an email this morning, suggesting that today would be the beginning of the layoffs. They didn't tell us who, just that bad news was coming....for someone. Cuts are going to go well into December. So, until the beginning of the year I'll be more uncomfortable at work than I have been. I have no idea if I'll be laid off. No clue. So everyday I'm expected to get up, go into work and act like the place isn't crumbling around me.
How do you work with knowing that you might not have a job tomorrow? That's a question I can't answer. What I can do. What I will do, is look for another job. Something that could potentially sustain me until I'm in the position to open up the sneaker boutique. Something that I won't miss when we move....
This financial crisis is exposing the inadequate leadership of soo many companies, states, cities, counties. The reality is that many of the people we have entrusted our leadership in have failed us. Part of this is our fault. Our fault for not asking more questions and demanding more answers. Not demanding accountability. And because we didn't require that someone be accountable, now we all are.
Here in Ohio. Seems like our leaders have only done a good job of one thing. Keeping us behind the 8-ball. We're never ahead of the curve. Never innovative. Never leader of the pack.

At the county, we have no idea what the plan is after all these job cuts. Nobody can tell me what positives we plan on bringing about in the midst of this troublesome time. Nobody knows what's next. How do we do the work with less people? What will we be asking from employees, going forward? How will we keep them happy? How will we provide service? How will service improve? How will we innovate? How will we retain quality employees? How will we attract needed employees? What responsibilities will the customer be asked to increase? What will we stop doing harder and do smarter? How will our leaders lead? What will the employees get for their work? How will we be rewarded? When do things improve? What happens when they do improve? What if things don't improve? When will we use technology to our advantage? When will we start doing business like a business?


You don't matter anymore

I watched a bit of The O'Reilly Factor today. Only to hear from Mr. O'Reilly and his fans, how they are feeling. The overwhelming sentiment was that Mr. O'Reilly and his viewers are fearful. He used the word, fear, multiple times during my brief viewing. Asking his guest, Karl Rove, if he was scared of President-elect Barack Obama. O'Reilly expressed that listeners to his radio show were fearful of an Obama presidency.

Fear, Mr. O'Reilly? Really?

You're fearful, when the new majority is exuberant, excited, encouraged, hopeful, thankful, supportive and unbelievably joyous!

Mr. O'Reilly how does fear feel to you?

Bill, welcome to the world of the minority. Welcome to a place where the majority doesn't think you matter. A majority rule that has not adequately provided health care to all. A majority rule that has done a horrible job of educating the youth. A majority who has dropped the ball on the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, energy independence and healthcare. A majority that pays all of it's non-white males a lesser wage for the same work. A majority that sat back and watched as Katrina destroyed the lives of so many.

The list of the ill's the old majority is responsible for is without end. So, I will not mention any other.

Mr. O'Reilly, if you are scared. Welcome to the feeling that all minorities have felt, while people who share your ideas have controlled this country.

Your time is over. Your ideas don't rule anymore.

Lets rock

Barack Obama was elected President of the USA. I don't know if I fully understand what that sentence even means right now. A Black Man, has been elected to the highest position in the world. I never thought I would see the day. I'm overwhelmed with joy and inspiration. This is hard to digest....
As a Black Man, watching another Black Man, I've witnessed an incredible event. I was able to watch with my family and share in the joys of us all. From Ian and Erin, to Bridget's mother and grandmother.

I'm so excited....and sleepy I can't focus. And I've had a few beers while waiting and celebrating....