Lets play house

2008 we will get this fucking house together! Get some paint on the walls. Get some furniture of our own...a whole set that matches! Get the basement finished. Get some pictures and art up on the wall. Get a hood for the kitchen that matches the rest of the stuff. Finish putting the knobs on the cabinets and drawers. Replace the rest of the light fixtures. Replace the lights in the bathrooms. The list goes on and on. We'll be going into year 3 and haven't done nearly enough. I want a house that I feel comfortable inviting people over to. I want my house to be the way I want it. Something cool, with a wonderful vibrant positive vibe...something I'm sure I can create with the right time and attention.

Browns win

The Cleveland Browns are 9-5! Yep, 9 wins & 5 losses. Correct, 4 more wins than losses. I'm loving every minute of it, especially being here in Cincinnati where they thought that their team had made it out of the land of obscurity a couple seasons ago when they made it to the playoffs, however they are currently having their 15th non winning season in 16 years.....or some pathetic shit like that.
Next week I'm going to the Browns/Bengals game here in Cincinnati. We are playing for a birth in the playoffs...win and we're in. We beat the Bengals in our first meeting, and I have no reason to believe that they can even play with us this season. I'm going to love being a Browns fan next Sunday!

In addition to the Browns winning this weekend, and much more importantly, Joy has received her last chemo treatment and the doctor says that things are looking good. Protein levels in her kidneys are low enough that things are considered in remission! We are very happy....very hopeful. We have to remain on the offensive as far as her health. Try to stay ahead of things. Not get down.

I'm certain that physically her condition is very difficult to deal with. I don't know how she does it sometimes. Mentally the burden has to be just as difficult. There is not much physically for me to deal with as far as her health, however mentally things can become very hard. I think about the future, about her future health. What are things going to be like 5, 10,15,20 years from now. How are things going to be when she's pregnant, when/if she's able to have a baby, what my responsibility is if her health worsens. Shit that I shouldn't be thinking about at 28!

Joy, is the most wonderful woman in the world. The best match for me that I've ever met. We're good together. Our trust, honestly, loyalty, love, compassion, understanding, patience, acceptance, motivation, inspiration, desire, reciprocation to one another allow us to have a pretty easy relationship. I'm lucky to not have a woman with a lot of drama. No friend issues, no baby daddy issues, no real family issues. Sometimes I'd rather deal with any of those issues in place of health issues, but what can you do. Deal with it, adjust to it as best possible and KEEP IT MOVING!

Go Browns!!!! Playoff bound baby......