If you scared, say you scared

Do people really believe that because President Obama is shaking hands and smiling with Chavez, that he's being pushed around? You're punks! Stop being scared of everything and everybody. When you can stand next to a man that has made unflattering comments about the US, shake hands with him and have a conversation that shows that you are a man. The answer to opposition isn't always war. Why can't the conservatives just say they're scared? They're scared to say it aloud, but every word they speak implicates them.

$14 dollar cheeseburger

I'm watching the news and they are interviewing a few people in VA. Asking them about how President Obama has done thus far and how he's affected their lives. One man mentions the increase in the minimum wage could result in him having to pay more for his cheeseburger....dude, are you so selfish that spending more money for your cheeseburger is a sacrifice you would rather not make, even when the result is that your waiter/waitress is making more money for him/herself? WOW...
Goes without saying that this tool voted for McCain.


What a job

It's been almost two weeks since I've been laid off, and I'm at the point where I'm beginning to enjoy it. Not having job to return to can take some getting used to, but I'm just about there and look forward to what's ahead. What's also been helpful is breaking down the financials with my wife. Understanding how our lives have to change and the sacrifices that are needed in order to live off one income for a little bit. Because we prepared ourselves mentally for the possibility of me being laid off, I think we are handling things pretty well. We are thankful for the things we do have and choose not to dwell on the things we don't have or may not be able to obtain in the immediate future. Life isn't about what you can buy...as much as our culture wants us to believe it is...it isn't. We don't have to be the ultimate consumer.

I'm learning quite a bit about myself during this time. Learning that my spirit is strong and despite the circumstances I'm choosing to remain positive and hopeful. Each day I become more comfortable with the idea of not returning to a 'regular' job. I'm enjoying doing things around the house. I'm enjoying making breakfast in the morning for my wife. Enjoying going to work out in the mornings and eating better(most days)...enjoying life.



In 20 yrs

I hope that being laid off has been the best thing that could have happened to me, other than getting married.



Gainfully unemployed

On May 2, 2009 I was laid off. From a job that I had come to hate. For an organization that was anything but a good fit for me. I had been praying for an out. An opportunity to do something that I can find happiness in.
That opportunity has now presented itself. What I do with the opportunity is up to me. I can remain conventional and seek another 9-5 or I can use my available time to chase my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Do I have to balls to do it? Will the fear of the unknown keep me from taking the risk? Can I muster the strength to develop a plan that will lead me to achieving the success I hope for? Can I lead myself and others into believing in the possibilities and seizing the moment?