What's happenin, now

I think I've figured out what's going on in a majority of american's. They have whole heartily attached themselves to an idea that we can be better. Individually and collectively. The idea that we should try looking out for our neighbors and help each other out along the way. We realize that the ways in which we have been operating in the past is not working right now. We realize that the more ideas we present, for the solutions we need, the better. Lets listen to pretty much everything and make a good fucking decision for the MAJORITY of people(we are the majority now) We are intrigued by the idea of what we could possibly do TOGETHER. Although we still lack the confidence to address our ism issues, I think we are moving in a direction that will make us reconsider things....everything.
And to those that are no in the MINORITY....fuck you! You've had your turn. It's are turn and get used to it cause we young! We smart. And cause of your fuck ups, we know better. Watch us do better.....
And you know what one of the best things is....our son's and daughter's will now have a true belief that they can be and do ANYTHING.

Word up


Think, just think.....

Recently, I've been following politics much more intently than at any other time in my life. One, because of the obvious. Two, because as I age it's interesting to listen to other adults voice their opinions and laugh at how unbelievably unreasonable many peoples voices actually are. Republican, Democrat, Independent, Conservative, Liberal....doesn't matter. Too many of these political people seem to either really not have a clue or just flat out don't fucking care. And by care, I mean they don't CARE. Not about the things that really matter, like educating our children(and adults), creating a safe environment for everyone, establishing equal opportunities to each and every human being, or working towards a common goal that helps more people to achieve a significant level of happiness as opposed to feeling left out of the 'good life', not about providing opportunities and positive life experiences, not about sharing in the wealth that is America.
As a kid, I wanted to be successful. To have money, a house, a car....etc. But what I also wanted was for all of my friends and people I knew to have those things.
Why does the majority seem so selfish? What is it about the condition of poor, disadvantaged people they don't understand? If it's understood that an education is the key to success, but the schools that provide the education to those that are poor and disadvantaged are known to be fucked up then what does the majority suppose those people do? And what about when those that are poor and disadvantaged propel themselves enough to be in a position to enter higher education? They are generally burdened with an absurd amount of debt just to attend. And say those folks don't crumble under the mountain of debt and make it out of that institution of higher education. What then? They become employed and receive pay at a lesser rate than their majority co-workers because those that are poor and disadvantaged happen to be minorities(black, brown, women).
And I'm not saying that this scenario is the rule for all poor, disadvantaged people but the point is that in America it shouldn't be the rule for anyone. And if definitely should be understood by the majority as being fucked up and addressed in a real and honest way......

And think....now there is actually a politician willing to do something about this shit! How do you not support Obama? Go ahead just say it....cause he's Black. Say it! I'll respect you more if you just admit it. Stop hiding behind the bullshit rhetoric and say that you can't vote for a Black man. Cause ain't no fucking way that anybody with half a brain would vote for John McCain. No way.

So stop talking about his wife, stop talking about his youth or inexperience, quit talking about where he came from, what his old pastor said and just come out and say it.....you sorry, scared punks! Say you won't vote for him cause he's a brotha! It's better than saying you think McCain's vision is better.



Daydreaming and I'm thinking of you

Today we received some good news. In about 12 weeks we can begin to try and have a baby. Up until this point we hadn't been able to even think about it because Joy was taking medicine that would have had detrimental affects on a baby, so we couldn't chance it. She's doing so well now that that medication can be substituted. While continuing to keep her healthy, this other medication she can take while pregnant. Wonderful news! We are very excited about the possibilities. About knowing our day for children is coming. For a while, it seemed like it may not come. We weren't necessarily ready for kids, but having the option to is comforting.
We may not even get pregnant right away, but I plan to have loads of fun trying!
Funny though....I'm already thinking about money and time off from work, about following thru with my dream of opening the sneaker boutique. Thinking about moving to a better place for us to raise a child....a more progressive city. Better schools, friendlier more diverse people. More things to do. More things for a child to see. Maybe when I put it in those terms to Joy she'll give the idea more thought. But that's down the road....

In the near future the goal is to get into much better shape! I know that because of her Lupus the pregnancy will be difficult with some possible bumps in the road. I want to be physically prepared to deal with those things as they arise. Physically prepared and more healthy to stand up to the demands of pregnancy and a new born baby.
I need to get into the groove in the next 3 months. Really get into the swing of working out and eating better. Hopefully I can stay focused and motivated and reach my goal.
Also in the near future I must continue to spend time creating a business plan for the store and following thru to make it a reality. I have the work ethic, I can grasp the details regarding running a successful store, I have the ideas, the vision. I got it...just need the right peoples help and the right location where I can thrive.

I could possibly have a pregnant wife in 3 months....wow. That shit is MAJOR! Me with a kid....wow. Pretty unbelievable shit...

I wouldn't mind it taking a little bit to get her pregnant....why not enjoy trying for awhile.



Fool you better come on in

Today, I've witnessed a Black man in America become a nominee for president of the United States. Really! Something that I have never ever ever thought I would see. Didn't even think my children would see. I'm thankful tonight. Thankful that God has blessed us with Mr. Obama's presence. His encouragement and enthusiasm. His vision and hopefulness. His vision for the progress of this country. I can look at my father as a man that came of age in the civil rights era, and he can look at me and we can embrace in the glory of seeing someone that looks like us in a position to be the HNIC!
I'm hopeful that Black people are allowed to celebrate this monumental moment. Able to bask in the glory of seeing someone who looks and talks like us in a position of power. Are we allowed to celebrate? How about, I don't give a fuck if they think it's appropriate to celebrate, cause that's what we are going to do! Stand up! Stick your chest out! Hold your head up and be proud! We can do ANYTHING, and if we support Mr. Obama in his vision we will see this country flourish. Education, energy, economy, diplomacy. We can change the world if we ALL are willing to do something. Stand up and be accountable for yourself, your children, your family, your community. Lean on one another so that we all can stand!

This moment is unbelievable......