I work from 8-4:45. Generally can't wait until 4:45. I pray for 4:45. Today was no different, however something did dawn on me....my attitude is shit when I get off work. My whole world view has a negative spin on it. I exit work wondering how the hell I'm going to maneuver myself into doing something else with my life. Wondering what the fuck our administration is doing. Wondering how the hell we ended up in such an adverse situation. I leave work bitter. Upset that things aren't being done. That decisions are being made that make no sense. That there is no accountability. Upset that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
We're being asked to do more with less, like I'm sure many other places are. The difference, I hope, is that other places of employment has management that has a clue about what is going on.


Excuse me miss

....but you is a BITCH! And I don't apologize. I just witnessed you yell at your child for no reason. I watched you look an absolute mess. I witnessed your friend also look a mess, and yell at her child for no reason, via cellphone. I witnessed you allow your child...no instruct your child to piss in the parking lot of a grocery store. Not your grocery store. A grocery store you just gave your money to. So, you give money to this business & also piss on it? And when the store begins to look like you've been pissing on it, your stank ass complains.
Yeah, I've pissed outside before. Behind some bushes, behind a building...when it was fucking necessary! And my momma certainly didn't instruct me to do so, and if she did she also instructed me that doing that shit was totally unacceptable. Anyway....

Why do you think this behavior is okay? Wait, don't answer. Let me ask you in a different way.

Hey BITCH, what the fuck is yo stupid ass doing? You dumb BITCH, you don't let this little boy piss outside in the grocery store parking lot & you don't yell & cuss at him. He is a child. You need to teach him to be better than you. To do better than you. And because of you he should be given an opportunity to be better. But yo stupid ass don't understand. Don't be mad at your son. He ain't mad at you, and he has every right to be! He should be pissed at you....wait he might grow up and be pissed, and exhibit some fucked up behavior in his relationships with other women. BITCH you stupid!