fun and bitches

Vegas baby! What a sight to see...the lights, the buildings, the people, the casino's and the women. My goodness the women are everywhere! All of them with their tits out. Looking for some shit to get into...wow.
That's not why I'm here though. My best friend got married yesterday. Joy and I missed the ceremony because of our whack ass cab driver, so we got there right after it was over. I can't believe he's married! I've known this dude for most of my life and can usually tell what's going on with him, but this was a shocker. He's happy though. And his wife seems like a really cool person(this is my second time meeting her). They seems to fit well together...
Last night, we missed the party. In addition to being here for the wedding its Craige's 30th bday...and we missed the party. We were too tired and broke. Plus I can never take the chance of running Joy too hard. The possible side effects aren't worth any party. I could tell she needed rest in order to be up for anything today, so we just laid in bed last night. I know its Vegas and we're supposed to be partying non stop but that's not an option for us.
We did party Friday night,which was cool and maybe we'll go out tonight?

Anyway, I'll surely be back. And next time with a lot more money!


Which way is up?

Today I gave serious thought to quitting my job. Not only because I'm sick of it, but also because I have some ideas that I would love to spend more time developing. I thought about the possibility of spending my days in control of my time. Being able to work when inspiration hit. Being able to 'play' when inspiration wasn't there. Ideal world, right? I was quickly brought back down to earth by the realization that I'm not prepared to choose to live on one income. Could it be done, yes. Do all parties agree that the time to try is now? Hell NO!
So, I'm going to have to find a way to harness my inspiration during non work hours. It's been a hard thing for me to do, but there is no other option. I've got a gang of ideas written down on paper but fall short of bringing them to life. This could very well have alot to do with the fact that I haven't found a way to commit enough time to them, so it's up to me to find a way to give them some time.
If I want it bad enough, I'll find a way...I can't keep working 9-5, so the only other option is to make something shake and start living by my own rules.