It's not quite the eve of a new chapter in my life. But close enough that it's all I can think about. A chapter that begins with me going to work in Dayton, to try and create a successful small business. A delivery service providing food delivery to the downtown Dayton area. This venture is being started by me and my best friend. Both from Dayton, we grew up together. Meeting when we were about 10 yrs old. We were in a bowling league together, then went to the same middle and high school.
This is an exciting time. The excitement of the unknown. The excitement over the possibilities. Excitement about the number of customers we can help enjoy their time downtown during their work/school days. The thought of being able to say that I am an entrepreneur!
Within the next month I want to have a grant proposal written to try and get Segway's. For use in deliveries. It would be crazy cool and great for the environment and business. I think it's a great opportunity, but we'll see about getting the grant. If not I'll have to go to plan B(cause I'd prefer to be environmentally conscious and my vehicles are a Chevy Tahoe and Lincoln LS...not the most fuel efficient)
How cool would it be to see Segways rolling around Downtown Dayton making deliveries to UD or Sinclair Community College...what about the Schuster Center?

Time and the work we put in will determine if we make it...


Look out for Who Delivers Dayton and visit us at www.whodeliversdayton.com

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