Asking for help

I've done what I think...what I hope is the right thing by asking for some help to get these ideas into motion.  I reached out to SCORE, and thankfully received a return call.  I've been given an assignment to complete and return to help the mentor guide us in the right direction.  I'm excited.  One regret throughout my life has been my reluctance to ask for help.  Nothing wrong with it, but I always wanted to do everything on my own.  This backfired on me more time than I care to remember.
Craige and I have an idea of what we want to happen.  We believe in those ideas and have the confidence to make them happen.  We just have to work hard and be smart.  And have patience...everything will fall into place.

I'm grateful to my wife for the support she shows me.  I've been unemployed for 2 months now, and not one time has she talked about what I should or could be doing.  She understands that the ideas I have could potentially change our lives in a way no 9-5 could ever do.  She's encouraged by the progress I've made and wants to see me happy and successful.  I love her.


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